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I've been terrible about updating here, yet again. Rather than having some piece of prose to present, I posted today to show off my entry in LibraryThing's latest bookpile contest. It was my first entry, although I had intended to enter in the last one and simply missed it due to sheer lethargy. My entry, posted here in Bridgie's flickr account (They insist on flickr as the contest host, and I was reluctant to open an account), was chosen as one of the five runners-up. My gratitude to Morri, who provided nearly all of the props shown. He had more to offer, but I wished the focus to remain largely on the books themselves. I can only hope they'll hold a pirate bookpile contest sometime, as between Rey and Bridgie I'd be well supplied for that. I don't believe the prize they're offering does me much good as I already have a lifetime membership, a gift from Bridgielove. I'm just pleased to have the picture up there.
Unbelievably, I have yet to complete my entering of all of our books in LT, as some are still stacked on the bedroom floor against the wall, awaiting my attention. Truly, we do need more bookshelves. The glass-doored case purchased for the more valuable older books is nearly full, although not all the books in it are antiques. By rights I should more all of Rey's Douglas Adams collection into it, as many of them are on the verge of falling apart.
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In lieu of actually writing anything of note, I've been fiddling about playing Thingamabrarian. I've passed the 450 mark, and householders are beginning to make bets regarding how many books we actually have. This is an unstable number, of course, as we can't seem to stop aquiring more on a fairly steady basis. I have weeded out a very small pile that remains uncatalogued because it ought to go to charity, and there's also a small stack of books that Librarything doesn't seem to recognize the ISBN's of. I'll go back and try them again when I've got all the rest, because the database is always expanding, but otherwise I'll have to manually enter them. Scanning in covers slows the process, but it's so nice to see the listing visually reflecting our shelves. It's a silly thing, but it makes me happy.

In other thoughts, I suppose that I've decided to withdraw janitor Thorn from MAHS. I would like to say I'm simply considering it, but I'd be lying to myself. When I look at the community profile and the members, it's incredibly difficult to pick out anyone I know. I realize it's laziness on my part as much as hesitancy on theirs, but it's difficult to play in a community of strangers. There is also the noticeable lack of staff presence, which makes it even more difficult to play him. The community no longer feels moderated, either in or out of character. I have no desire to stop playing him, and I'm putting off composing e-mails to various players to see if I can ensure a place for him in the main Nexus. I'm hoping PRIME could use a janitor, since so many of the people I adore playing with have moved on there and the original Thorn is a student.
I'm very glad for MAHS, it's been a wonderful place to develop the janitor Thorn as a character, but things change and it simply no longer feels welcome. I am very sorry for the loss.
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This is still not an informal interests essay, but this of all months is one where I will not pressure myself on anything. Bridgielove paid for my account and instead of writing I've been ambling around the house mussing up the shelves and entering books into .
Up to three hundred entries and still working on it. I may finish the downstairs tonight, but the upstairs is a bit of a mess, with a stack of books beside the shelves awaiting the day when we purchase another shelving unit. All the same I think we should root out Bridgie's Treasure Island collection the next time we visit her parents. She has quite a lovely collection of over a dozen copies, some of them valuable older editions. I'm entertaining myself watching the tag cloud shift as I add books. Rey and Bridgie far outstrip me in the number of books they actually own. I mourn the loss of many volumes over the years as I've moved. My restoration projects and a few volumes of Kipling constitute the majority of what I've managed to hang onto over the years. I am all too happy to catalogue everyone's books in the apartment, thus making some small proprietary claim to the whole collection.
I am also considering changing the layout of the journal, or possibly even getting myself a paid account. I need something simple mind you, because I'm not terribly well versed in HTML. I find myself wanting something prettier to look out if I'm going to be writing regularly, which is rather self-indulgent of me since I seem to have very few readers. On the other hand there are few pursuits online that are not self-indulgent, at least in my case.
I seem to have lost whatever train of thought I had, so I'll leave things at that.


Oct. 20th, 2006 01:39 am
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Hmm. If I have run out of unpaid space on LibraryThing then I suspect it's a sign I'm meant to go to bed. Chamomile tea and one-thirty in the morning and I want nothing more than to stay up cataloging books.


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