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I had put off uploading these as well, but since she recieved the package, here are the bookmarks made for Donna. These were originally intended to be a birthday gift of sorts.
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Has anyone else had LJ autofill the tags? I think I rather like that.
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I'm impatient to post this, and again my creative output for the day has been nonexistent. I suppose that's defeating the purpose, but nonetheless I shall post, and hopefully some day that is not busy my creative output will make up for things. This has struck awkwardly in the middle of some sort of mental block for writing.
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I was so distracted with gaming I nearly forgot to post this. Just another bookmark, and one i'm not entirely happy with. I was thinking of Kim when I did the side with the Buddha, but in retrospect it doesn't really fit. I just got some lovely new scrapbooking papers this afternoon and there's a lovely piece with Indian elephants and mahouts and all, so I may paste over that side yet.
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I had intended to post this earlier in the day, but I am loathe to upload things myself, and the evening got away from me. I had also hoped to have something newer to post, but I feel the need to put something up.
Two bookmarks, to begin the month of NaNoWhaMo.
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For those privy to my friendslocked entries, nothing I write while in the throes of insomnia should be taken too seriously. I won't be taking part in NaNoWriMo this year, as it would be rather a last-minute decision and I feel that the project I have in mind deserves more research and devotion than such an approach would allow. The thought has driven me to work towards writing this, however. I'll also be making an honest effort to write my replies for the meme.
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Again, not a writing assignment, but so long as I'm posting I consider the purpose of that idea fulfilled. The consideration of paying for this journal is quite serious. There's a particular layout I've had my eye on for some time, which is utterly gorgeous and artistically put together for me, available only to paid users. I find myself wishing for more icons and I am unwilling to play host to adverts for that purpose.
I have other writing assignments in mind, and I ought to do some book reviews for LibraryThing. I meant to do scrapbooking and I've collected a wonderful selection of supplies for doing so, even made some small test pages. I must cofess that now that I have a blank book at hand ready for tea-dyeing, and whatever other experiments I'd like to do upon it (I couldn't bring myself to mutilate an existing work of literature), the project is simply too intimidating as a start. While mulling over how to begin and re-reading some Kipling with a bit of tissue stuck between pages I hit upon a simpler idea. There are bookmarks in the house, although I never seem able to find them when I actually need one. Most of these are not mine, as people rarely give me bookmarks and I never think to buy one for myself. This last is hardly a complaint, as people tend to give me books instead. Bookmarks make for a simpler form of scrapbooking-altered art-whathaveyou. I'll probably make several more before I feel ready to tackle an entire book, but here are my first two attempts. I rather enjoyed the cutting and pasting, and I'm pleased with the results.
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Hrm. The image filenames make it look as though I'm doing a series by letter, but I think twenty-six would be a few too many. The animal pictures are cut from the backs of old calendars, bought specifically because I loved those pictures. The pictures on the beach bookmark are cut up bits of a single photograph, not one of my own but a shot of somewhere along VA Beach or possibly Nag's Head at dawn, taken by Morri or Bridgie. I'm rarely up at that hour, myself. It was a duplicate but I felt a bit nervous hacking it into bits regardless. There is something at once both intimidating and pleasing about the process of dismantling lovely pictures and bits of paper to create some new collage. I'll post more as soon as I come up with the time to make them.


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