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In the interest of not posting details of my continued melancholy, Bridgie's struggle with depression, or the latest complaints from my knees:
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I'm afraid the cover paper doesn't show up quite as well as I'd like in the photograph, but I took these myself and I'm not terribly comfortable with Rey's new camera. The wheels are in varying shades of grey, all outlined in metallic gold. The papers for the signatures are not merely printed with leaves, but are actually quite nice thin paper that seems to have had real leaves pressed onto it long enough to leave an impression. This was made out of a kit, and I put the signatures together wrong due to my unwillingness to hunt down my reading glasses to decipher the vague instructions. I quite like how it turned out regardless, although I've no idea what to do with it now that it's done. The finished piece is quite small, just over five inches square, and the whole thing was quite quick to put together. I have another different book kit by the same company I ought to try, although the instructions with that kit are quite horribly wrong, in a fashion that involves steps (they are numbered, making it obvious) missing entirely, words missing from steps that are there, and other typographical errors. Bolstered by the success of this little project, I may tackle it regardless.
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It's been much too long since I posted anything. It isn't that I've been distracted with RP this time it's simply that I've been distracted away from the computer altogether. We did go through several weeks of the phone lines acting up very badly, which ultimately resulted in the phone people having to come round and muck about with the box up on the pole. In the wake of that business being fixed, I've been unmotivated to update, and let other people have a go at the keyboard.
I do hope that everyone had a good holidays, and will have a wonderful New Year. We'll be off to Bridgie's parents for a bit, but not through until midnight. Rey has work tomorrow early, and I don't really care to be around people that are regular drinkers for an occasion such as this.

Bridgelove and I went to the gardens today with my sister. We try to get her and my little brother over around this time of year. It's like pulling teeth, and I'm tense the whole time she's here, glad when she's gone and feeling guilty for that.
No, we don't get along. I'd desperately like to. She says she's not keeping my little brother from me, but she never wants me to visit. I know it's not intentional on her part, there's just too much... between us.
We walked around the botanical gerdens, and said little, but there's a members night on the eighth and we'll try to get her to come along to see the lights that night and hopefully bring our brother along if he's up to walking around that evening.
I took photos. Those are more pleasant to focus on. It was lovely and I think she did enjoy herself despite being with me.
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It's Hallowe'en, and the neighbourhood is dressed up in a most spectacular fashion!
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