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I've been struggling to catch up with the Nexus challenge of writings for Thorn, with limited success. Tomorrow I should have time to actually just sit and write, so I may make a proper attempt. For the time being there are photographs of the neighbourhood trees, taken after the rain let up for the day. If photographs count as artistic, perhaps they can help to make amends for my lack of posting yesterday.
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Sort of a slap-dash job on the cover of a steno pad I've been using for various notes. I simply wanted a pretty cover to look at, as well as a chance for further experimentation. Rey braided the cord for me, which gives it a convenient sort of handle to carry it by.
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This is my first successful attempt at altering a book. The calligraphy is on a horrible slant, which I am too lazy to do the whole thing over in order to correct, but I'll try a method to prevent that in the other pages. I may not post much of this here, as I intended it to be a Christmas gift and do not wish to ruin any more of the surprise than I already have. The poem is another meant to be written by Thorn, but it's one I'm quite pleased with. I should like to find a small feather to attach to the page to finish it off.

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I'm aware I've missed several days of posting. I seem to have been slipping in and out of a severe funk since my birthday, and I couldn't say precisely why. To make some sort of amends, here are three previously unposted poems, intended to have been written from Thorn's perspective from the old Nexus 100. I never did complete the Nexus 100, although I keep whittling away at it slowly. Approaching poetry from Thorn's perspective is a fascinating practice, although I should hope most of his poetry stands on its own.

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Because I was so maudlin today, the girls took it upon themselves to try teaching me something called 'retail therapy'? I cannot complain, as my altered book supplies reached a critical mass and at last exploded in something grander than a bookmark. I am still working at the calligraphy, but I have truly deface a book now, and I'm fairly well pleased with it. Photographs to come when I have a complete page.
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The house simply abounds with creativity today. I've managed to finish up the drabble meme, and I've reluctantly joined the 'Promptvember' challenge from [ profile] dmooc. The latter I am struggling to catch up on, but after spending an hour searching for song lyrics I have set that aside for the moment. The computer feels positively filthy after such a search.

Prompt: Character Bio - 5 Books that have influenced Thorn

Prompt: Character Bio - 5 Songs that have influenced Thorn

I'll try to do more catching up tomorrow, although I refuse to post movies for the third prompt, and will likely put up poetry instead.

Drabble meme replies:
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I had put off uploading these as well, but since she recieved the package, here are the bookmarks made for Donna. These were originally intended to be a birthday gift of sorts.
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Has anyone else had LJ autofill the tags? I think I rather like that.
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I'm impatient to post this, and again my creative output for the day has been nonexistent. I suppose that's defeating the purpose, but nonetheless I shall post, and hopefully some day that is not busy my creative output will make up for things. This has struck awkwardly in the middle of some sort of mental block for writing.
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I haven't written a thing today, so I'm dredging the barrel. Wandering through my own files on the computer, I came across an odd little scrap of writing that was done purely for the interest of it. This is unlikely to be of interest to anyone but myself and possibly those who play with Thorn, but I'm not sure anyone reads his journal, as it goes without updates for great lengths of time.
This is posted as I had it written, complete with red notes that are meant to be an instructor's corrections. For reasons I no longer recall, I latched onto the idea that Thorn would rather like the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. This was intended to be a sort of book report. His grammar and spelling are coming along nicely these days, which is ever so much easier to type than deliberately borderline illiteracy...
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Nothing terribly momentous for today, but I've managed two of the writing prompts from the meme.

Related to the current goings-on of RP:
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I was so distracted with gaming I nearly forgot to post this. Just another bookmark, and one i'm not entirely happy with. I was thinking of Kim when I did the side with the Buddha, but in retrospect it doesn't really fit. I just got some lovely new scrapbooking papers this afternoon and there's a lovely piece with Indian elephants and mahouts and all, so I may paste over that side yet.
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This remains unfinished, but I did work on it this evening and I'm pleased just to have gotten this far. I began this quite a few years ago, and left it with the sky half finished. Rey has been pestering me to finish it for ages. I no longer recall quite what I had in mind to begin with, and I think that I must have had some kind of help on the boat. I do not draw often at all, and I do not feel that I am very good at it, but I have a passable skill at still-life. I still need to colour in the... compass? Pocketwatch? I don't recall. I believe I had originally meant to put in stars as well, although I'm not sure how.
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I had intended to post this earlier in the day, but I am loathe to upload things myself, and the evening got away from me. I had also hoped to have something newer to post, but I feel the need to put something up.
Two bookmarks, to begin the month of NaNoWhaMo.
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For those privy to my friendslocked entries, nothing I write while in the throes of insomnia should be taken too seriously. I won't be taking part in NaNoWriMo this year, as it would be rather a last-minute decision and I feel that the project I have in mind deserves more research and devotion than such an approach would allow. The thought has driven me to work towards writing this, however. I'll also be making an honest effort to write my replies for the meme.


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