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Notes to self, because this seems as good a place as any: Two weeks on the first drug (Amni...something? I must go check the bottle later) was unhelpful. Up until one or two in the morning several times without feeling the least trace sleepy, very tired most days, severe dry mouth and moods still affected more by situational factors.
Tonight is night two on 'Luvox CR' and I am writing this at four-thirty in the morning. I was wonderfully sleepy around ten-thirty and in bed by eleven, falling asleep well, but woke half an hour ago for no apparent reason and tossed and turned. Tired yesterday through the early day, never felt any effects the night before.

While I'm remembering this journal still exists, I wanted to give thanks for the birthday wishes! I got a few very nice books, with likely a few more to come because the financial situation makes the timing awkward. I'm feeling somewhat annoyed at myself that I still haven't gotten beyond the first chapter of my Shadow fan fiction, but I'm suffering apathy and lethargy these days, between the general chaos of our current lives. I'm still quite active in RP, however, and I thank Myra's player for introducing me to Zatoichi. It fulfills my intellectual interest in character and foreign culture, as well as my little-voiced interest in a bit of good old-fashioned violence.
I welcome the cooler temperatures and the changing colours of the leaves, while chiding myself for not working on the various projects that I mean to. Life goes on...


Date: 2011-02-02 05:03 am (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Heftig, ich habe never ever für möglich gehalten dass dies real auch so möglich ist ;)


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