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I'm sure I meant to post something before this, but as always I've been distracted. RPing as The Shadow is absorbing and gratifying, and feeds my escapist tendencies wonderfully. The character is rather like me in a number of ways, which makes any flattery directed at him rewarding on a personal level. Not that I'd confuse myself with the character, but he just seems to be so well liked by other players, in terms of how I play him, and messages along the lines of how wonderful it is to see him played and played well make me smile.
I'm also trying to push myself to write more, because I really should. My NaNoWriMo novel has been languishing, partly for lack of editing assistance, and I feel badly about that. I've written very little over the past decade, and that's a terrible realization. The ideas simply don't flow the way they used to, I suppose, or perhaps I'm simply out of practice.
Allowing myself to run with whatever inspiration I can get, I have an idea I'm fleshing out for a Shadow fan fiction that doesn't rely on the RP business of the Nexus. I also picked up the Nexus 100 table the other day and began mucking about off that with surprising success. I don't believe I ever finished it for Thorn, but I was attempting to do it entirely with poetry from his perspective. It was too great a restriction, I suppose, although I did turn out some neat little poems in the attempt. I'm reluctant to join up or post the table until I have a little more material, but I wrote three little things, I think they're called drabbles(?) yesterday, and I'm working at more. For the time being I might post them here, for feedback or at least the amusement of others.

In other news, I've joined Deviant Art, and although it was mostly to make a lovely little collection of other people's art to look at, I was coaxed into uploading a few things, if anyone's interested in either of those. I have an impressive collection of artwork of The Shadow there.

Fandom: The Shadow
Characters: The Shadow (Kent Allard & other aliases)
Prompt: 001 Beginnings
Word Count: 380
Rating: G
Summary: The Shadow’s prehistory in brief.
Author's Notes: This started off as ‘Years’, but as I wrote it I realized it was more or less a summary of his history leading to the start of his role as The Shadow.

When he was a young man he’d run off to fight for his country and quickly been recognized as something too valuable, wasted even as a pilot. The Secret Service had recruited him when they saw test scores through the roof, and he’d absorbed everything they had to teach them and stayed hungry for more. Years in the field had perfected that training, honed technique and his own innovations into something unheard of even among skilled men. When the fighting had ended and the work waned, even their intrigues couldn’t hold him. The talented young man turned the tricks he knew against his so-called superiors, and vanished. The world swallowed him whole, and his face was never seen again.
It was another face, another name, that earned the respect and trust of Eastern teachers. Whether they knew his origins was hard to say, but they gave him what of their knowledge he could use, schooling the rapacious intellect into calm focus. The peace of their world close to the clouds taught him what he’d been unable to find anywhere else. Possibly they recognized the line he walked, and the dangerous potential of his mind, certainly they taught him to recognize it in himself. When he left them to roam the world again, he did so in search of a purpose.
Kent Allard gained fame for his daring skills in the air, but those who met him in person were struck with his restlessness. He was a man flinging himself across the globe in search of something he had no way to define. They may have been saddened by the loss of his skills, but there were those who were not surprised when he crashed his plane in the Amazon. He had been a man of building tension, with blue eyes that flashed like a thunderstorm ready to break. It was easy to assume he’d turned reckless enough to test his own power against a storm greater than the one inside him.
By the time a figure cloaked in black first stepped out of the shadows to deal justice to the criminal underworld, he had forty years of experience behind him. It may have seemed late in life to embark on such a bold career, but it was only the beginning.


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