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There's a relatively new cinema that's opened close by us, an unusual place set up inside a renovated factory from before there even were movie houses. The place does show conventional movies but they've got some other interesting things going on, one of these being Sunday morning matinees of classics. This Sunday it was the Maltese Falcon, and we got slightly dressed up and spent a little money we can ill afford, because sometimes it's what you need. The tickets are fairly cheap, $5.50 apiece. They were serving mimosas as well, because they have a liquor license, but I dodged that for a coffee. Initially, I wondered if I'd be taken for an eccentric in button down shirt, vest, long coat and fedora. Then we spotted a group of youngsters dressed to the nines in suits and black dresses, one of the girls carrying a model of the falcon itself! By the time I had coffee in hand, there was a line halfway across the lobby, and before the picture actually began, the theatre we were seated in was very nearly full. I can't recall the last time I saw a movie theatre full, and for an eleven o'clock showing at that.
It was a most unique experience, not only to see it on the big screen again but with other people who knew what was coming as well. There was audience-wide chuckling at the subtle jokes, and applause at the end. It was absolutely lovely. If money wasn't tight, I'd press for going again next week for Casablanca.

I consider this a bright spot in the bloody month of March, and therefore worth recording. Today, I think, I am happy.
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